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Established in 1982, Mamre is based in Brisbane, Australia. The name ‘Mamre‘, came from a Hebrew word meaning ‘mountain of friendship’. In 1983 the Charter was written to outline its principles and values. For the story of Mamre, see Genesis 18.

Christian Values

Mamre‘s values are Christian based. The Mamre Community has values, which strongly state the need to stand by marginalised people. The Mamre Community tries to listen to and ‘walk with’ people with a disability and their families. Mamre intends to be a radical community response to the expressed needs of families, rather than a professional service response. Mamre continues to develop as families change and grow. As one parent said, “Mamre is shaped by the people it serves”.

Mamre has learnt:

  • It needs strong positive values and clear policies;
  • The difference between ‘the spirit of the law’ and ‘the letter of the law’;
  • It is important to develop open and trusting relationships with families and that this takes time;
  • Families prefer to work in partnership;
  • Solutions can usually be found;
  • Mamre needs policy that give a framework for wise decision-making and which do not stifle the process;
  • Consistent and strong leadership is vital;
  • It is important to learn from its mistakes; and
  • To involve people from the wider community.

Mamre aims to grow in wisdom about these matters and to continually improve its family support.

Vision & Values

Mamre exists so that all people are contributing to the richness of a diverse society and are respected and valued.

Mamre is an active, intentional Community that works in partnership with individuals with disabilities and their families and communities to:

  • Facilitate opportunities with people to realise their hopes and dreams of leading valued lives of their choosing now and into the future
  • Assist people to build and sustain meaningful relationships within their communities and the Mamre community
  • Influence society to effect change so that people are taking their rightful place in their communities to enrich all



We ensure our actions reflect our values through honesty and fidelity


We actively work towards upholding the rights, dignity and self-determination of all people


We welcome, serve and celebrate one another and share our diverse gifts and vulnerabilities as we journey together


We nourish each other in a spirit of reciprocity, warmth and genuine acceptance


We value people other things and systems as well as embracing humility and faith

Mamre Association is a registered ACNC Charity