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Therapy For Adults

Mamre Allied Health service is able to assist you and your family to:

  • Strengthen relationships with others
  • Increase your communication success with a range of people
  • Make transitions between places, and important phases of your life
  • Participate fully and enjoy your leisure, work, education and ongoing learning

The goals Mamre support people with are as diverse as you.  In our approach, your family goals are primary, then the therapists will suggest ideas based on their knowledge and experience and collaboratively we create shared goals so everyone is working together for the same outcome.

Some examples of goals for adults:

  • Be an active participant in your family
  • Take a holiday, or travel overseas
  • Live independently or with friends
  • Gain and sustain a job or build your business
  • Explore assistive technology options
  • Strengthen the ways you communicate with others
  • Become more prepared and relaxed in new places and when moving between places
  • Understand and regulate your body in response to difference sensory information and in a range of spaces

Mamre offers a mobile service, meaning we can come to you in the locations you prefer or you can come to us at our office in Newmarket.

Mamre’s therapy fees are based on the NDIS Price Guide.  We are happy to provide you with a detailed schedule of fees.

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