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Mamre currently offers two types of therapy: occupational therapy and speech therapy. We have a flexible team of therapy professionals who empower you to reach your goals.


Occupational Therapy 


Our occupational therapists (OT) are enablers! They can help you to be involved in the activities you enjoy doing. OT’s can also help you to build new skills and grow your independence.

Occupational therapists can assist with

  • self-care
  • school and work readiness
  • fine motor
  • social and life skills
  • self-regulation
  • sensory needs
  • equipment prescriptions.


Speech Therapy


Our speech pathologists (affectionately known as Speechies) work with you to develop your literacy, speech, and language skills.

Communication is a fundamental aspect of life. A speech pathologist will help you better communicate your wishes, preferences, comments, and feelings to those around you. This can help build and strengthen your relationships. As well as help express who you are!

Speech pathologists are also able to assist with mealtimes and eating, drinking and swallowing.

You can meet our friendly team of therapists here.


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