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Allied Health

Mamre offer a new Allied Health service into the changing landscape of therapy services.

A service designed to be flexible, empowering, responsive to your desired outcomes and able to work with you at home and in your community.

Our team of experienced practitioners will work closely with each other and with you using contemporary approaches to attain the best results possible.

Mamre’s Allied Health service was born in response to the request of families already supported by Mamre Association Inc who wished for mobile, coordinated therapy services that would operate within the Mamre ethos of person and family-centred practice, empowering connection and authentic relationship.

Mamre Allied Health Service aims to:

  • Strengthen relationships and connection between family members
  • Assist you to reach the goals that you have
  • Develop and enhance skills in areas of daily living
  • Focus on fostering fun, participation and strong relationships with peers, family members and other important people
  • Provide parents and carers with practical tools and encouragement
  • Assist you to grow your confidence in parenting and guiding your child/ family member to live a good life
  • Celebrate successes and be part of your family thriving on your terms