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Therapy For Children And Teens (7-18 Years)

Children develop at such a pace, their world is expanding, they may be attending school, aspects of their personality continue to evolve and they are learning new skills in more environments. Making friends and socialising becomes important and children may begin to seek more independence in some areas of their life.

Each child and young person is going to have very individual goals and desires.  Timely therapy can make all the difference in supporting young people to gain meaningful outcomes that assist them to create their version of a good life and maximise their health and wellbeing.

Mamre’s Allied Heath team is able to design coordinated services that assist you to achieve your goals and desires in fun, flexible and creative ways.

Mamre offers a mobile service, meaning we can come to you in the locations your child spends time or you can come to us at our office in Newmarket.

Mamre’s therapy fees are based on the NDIS Price Guide.  We are happy to provide you with a detailed schedule of fees.

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