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  • 40 Finsbury Street, Newmarket QLD 4051
  • 1428 Logan Road, Mt. Gravatt QLD 4122
  • 07 3622 1222

Therapy For Children

Timely therapy for your little person can make all the difference in their development and enrich your family’s confidence and capacity into the future.

Our approach is relationship-based early intervention which means we seek to honour and further develop secure relationships between you and your child and involve you as key partners in therapy.

Reasons families may seek therapy services for their child include:

  • My baby does not roll, sit or crawl yet
  • My child is not pulling to standing or walking yet
  • My child is not talking yet
  • My child is not toilet trained yet
  • My child does not play with other children or spends a lot of time alone
  • My child has tantrums because I do not understand what he/she wants
  • My child is particular about what he/she will eat
  • My child isn’t sleeping well
  • My child finds change, new places and people challenging
  • My child doesn’t participate in meaningful conversations
  • My child isn’t fitting in or enjoying daycare or school
  • My child has delays across some or many areas of their development

The goals we support people with are as diverse as each family.  In our approach, your family goals are primary, then the therapists will suggest ideas based on their knowledge and experience and collaboratively we create shared goals – everyone is working together for the same outcome.

These are some examples of goals for children.  For my child to:

  • Be an active participant in family routines and outings
  • Learn to roll, sit, crawl, walk jump, hop, skip and climb
  • Be able to dress myself, or get myself ready for school in the morning, brush my teeth by myself
  • Develop different ways to communicate what I want, prefer and need
  • Learn to say new words and understand what they mean
  • Enjoy a wider range of foods
  • Become more prepared and relaxed in new places and when moving between places
  • Understand and regulate my body in response to different sensory information

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