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Therapy for The Early Years (0-6 Years)

Mamre offers a therapy service for children and families through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) pathway for early intervention as well families who are seeking therapy and are not linked with NDIS.

We know that every little person develops uniquely.  Timely therapy can make all the difference in your child’s development and enrich your family’s confidence and capacity into the future.

Mamre’s team is able to work closely with your family to understand your values, what is important to you right now as well as your goals, hopes and desires for your child into the future. Our specialised services are designed to enable your child’s development across all areas including communication skills, social relationships, movement and physical domains, sensory integration and eating and drinking.

Our approach is planted in relationship-based early intervention which means we seek to honour and further develop secure relationships between you and your child and involve you as key partners in therapy. Our job is to make it fun and meaningful for everyone.

Early Years therapists are skilled at supporting your child and family to prepare for the next phases of life such as joining in child care, kindy and school.

These are some examples of goals for children.

For my child to:

  • Be an active participant in family routines and outings
  • Learn to roll, sit, crawl, walk jump, hop, skip and climb
  • Be able to dress myself, or get myself ready for school in the morning, brush my teeth by myself
  • Develop different ways to communicate what I want, prefer and need
  • Learn to say new words and understand what they mean
  • Enjoy a wider range of foods
  • Become more prepared and relaxed in new places and when moving between places
  • Understand and regulate my body in response to different sensory information

Mamre offers a mobile service, meaning we can come to you in the locations your child spends time or you can come to us at our office in Newmarket.

Mamre’s therapy fees are based on the NDIS Price Guide.  We are happy to provide you with a detailed schedule of fees.

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