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Mamrebillia October 2019

The latest Mamrebillia is now available for download. Click below to download it as a PDF file. Download now.

Early intervention and relationships

PART 1: Questioning the effectiveness of our approaches… Early intervention is defined as therapeutic services provided to children with developmental difficulties from birth to six years of age (Law et al., 2011). Within this, it is considered common practice for allied health practitioners to conduct activities directly with the child themselves to support both child

DLQ August Newsletter

To view the August DLQ newsletter click the link below: DLQ August Newsletter

DLQ July Newsletter

To view the latest DLQ newsletter click the link below: DLQ July Newsletter

Cal’s on YouTube

Have you met Cal? YouTuber CallanG has uploaded a massive 101 videos on his YouTube channel! Cal stopped in to visit and showed us his latest song creation and our new favourite track, Crazy Cal. Cal creates these tracks using the garage band app on his iPad. It’s a fantastic way to share talents, hobbies