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Mamrebillia October 2020

The latest edition of Mamrebillia is now available. So grab a cup of tea and catch-up on what’s been happening. Take me to Mamrebillia.

Mamrebillia July 2020

The latest edition of Mamrebillia is now available for download. So grab a cup of tea and catch-up on what’s been happening. Download now.

An Update from the Governance Board

The Mamre Governance Board have some have good and sad news to share with you today. It is with heavy hearts that we announce Tom Condon’s retirement from his position as President. Tom and wife Gemma have a long connection and history with Mamre. Tom’s dedication to the Governance Board has spanned fifteen years. Firstly

Accessibility Update

We think you’ll agree that it’s essential for everyone to have equal access to information, research and knowledge. So we have a new addition to the Mamre website that improves the accessibility and convenience of navigating the site. This accessibility update will make the site more user-friendly and easier to use. The button looks like

Lockdown Fun

So, if you’ve been following our community stories for a while, you probably know Lydia. Her sense of humour and a newfound love of adventure keeps us all entertained and encourages us to try new things. Lydia sent these photos to us and titled them “Lockdown Fun!”. We think you’ll agree, it does look like

Brightening Mamre Spaces

The Mamre office has partially opened, and we’re welcoming families back for therapy sessions, appointments with Disability Law Queensland and family meetings. We are observing all the COVID-Safe workplace regulations to make sure all people remain safe and healthy. But we are still wanting to brighten Mamre spaces! As we transition to this new way

Acts of Kindness during COVID-19

You might have heard about Acts of Kindness (AOK) recently. The group of community volunteers has been busily and generously engaged in connecting with the community.  The need for the AOK group became more prominent as many of us were facing more isolation during coronavirus. Building connections is an innate human need, and it’s something

Telehealth Occupational Therapy

It’s fun to learn new kitchen skills during telehealth occupational therapy appointments. A motivated young cook, his family and Mamre’s Occupational Therapist Diana have been working together around meal preparation skills. All via telehealth appointment! This young man is a very motivated cook with excellent skills in the kitchen!  He is working on his health,

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is about helping people participate in the activities or “occupations” that are important to them. For a young child, the main activity is play! Children learn about themselves and their world through play, so it’s a very important job for a little person!! When a child has developmental challenges, they may have difficulties

What does good therapy look like?

How do I spot what good therapy looks like? Well, it should make you feel …  You feel confident that your therapist knows you, digs your personality and understands what makes you tick. Your therapist listens to what you want to create in your life. Everything you do in therapy supports your vision for your