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Connect Play Learn Banner - a young child smiling at the camera and two people smiling in the background

Connect Play Learn: An online learning package for parents

September25, 2020

Mamre’s therapy team often see parents who want to: Connect better with their little one Better understand child development Recognise what their child may be tr...

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Two women reading an Easy English document

Reading Easy English

September24, 2020

At Mamre, we want to communicate in the right way with all people. Communicating in the right way helps us build relationships and connections with others. To help us on this path, a group of Mamre st...

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Mother and daughter cooking easy read recipes

Healthy Easy Read Recipes – A Cookbook

September16, 2020

We’ve created something we think you might like! You can use this step by step easy read recipes cookbook anywhere from grocery shopping through to cooking. The cookbook was originally created sp...

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Lydia at Malanda Falls during her Local QLD Holiday during COVID-19

Local Holiday During COVID-19

September14, 2020

With restrictions easing, Lydia's has taken some time to head off on a lovely local holiday during COVID-19 to visit Cairns. If you've followed our community stories for a while, you probably already ...

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A group of people sitting, chatting, and decision making

Decision Making Possibilities Project

September11, 2020

Mamre has an exciting new supported decision making project starting in October. We are calling this new project Decision Making Possibilities. ...

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