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4 pictures of Moya swimming and doing ballet - Meet Moya

Meet Moya Creighton-Davies

June29, 2017

Are you ready to meet Moya? Learn more about her below. Hello! My name is Moya and I'm 7 years old. I started ballet dancing when I was 3 yrs old and then Jazz when I was 6. I don't do Ballet an...

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Mamre ‘Acts of Kindness’

May29, 2017

The Acts of Kindness project is an initiative that seeks to support people within the Mamre Community in times of need or just to let them know we are thinking about them.  It is through the relation...

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Man sitting on a chair next to the beach and smiling at the camera - Inspiring Change in Townsville by Rodney Mills banner

Inspiring Change in Townsville

May29, 2017

In May, I was fortunate to go on a speaking tour of Townsville. This was made possible through funding from CRU’s ‘Develop Your Leadership’ grant. I presented to several organisations includi...

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A young boy with down syndrome being held by his sister - Why I Gave Up “Normal” When My Son With Down Syndrome Was Born banner

Why I Gave Up “Normal” When My Son With Down Syndrome Was Born

May25, 2017

I want to attempt an explanation on why special needs parents feel blessed and grateful they were given their child. It must be virtually impossible to understand, for someone not in our shoes. But he...

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Parker and his family sitting down facing away from the camera - 10 things I hate about having a kid with Down Syndrome banner

10 Things I Hate About Having a Kid with Down Syndrome

May25, 2017

Let’s keep it real, shall we? I don’t like everything about parenting. I hated my daughter’s croup. Why do I need to like everything about Down syndrome? 10. I hate it when he uses his low ...

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Historic Mamrebillia’s

April01, 2017

All of the older Mamre Mamrebillia's are available in PDF format to download below. Please feel free to have a look through some of these historic Mamrebillia's from our past.   Mamrebillia...

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young blonde boy running for Joshs Big Race

Josh’s Big Race

March29, 2016

Last week was Cross Country time for many children in many schools.  I didn’t give it much thought, really.  Josh had been “training” with the rest of his classmates every morning this term. ...

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