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Reflecting on Mamre’s History

November20, 2020

We hope you just enjoy watching our “Origin of Mamre” short animation below. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://mamre.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2020...

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Surprise Act of Kindness

September28, 2020

Sometimes a kind act can brighten your day and your home. This young woman needed a little extra goodness in her life. She has been keen for a yellow and blue feature wall (or two) to make her home fe...

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Lydia at Malanda Falls during her Local QLD Holiday during COVID-19

Local Holiday During COVID-19

September14, 2020

With restrictions easing, Lydia's has taken some time to head off on a lovely local holiday during COVID-19 to visit Cairns. If you've followed our community stories for a while, you probably already ...

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Lockdown Fun - Lydia at the Glasshouse Mountains

Lockdown Fun

June26, 2020

So, if you’ve been following our community stories for a while, you probably know Lydia. Her sense of humour and a newfound love of adventure keeps us all entertained and encourages us to try new th...

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Brightening Mamre Spaces finger painting with bright colours

Brightening Mamre Spaces

June26, 2020

The Mamre office has partially opened, and we’re welcoming families back for therapy sessions, appointments with Disability Law Queensland and family meetings. We a...

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