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Two women reading an Easy English document

Reading Easy English

September24, 2020

At Mamre, we want to communicate in the right way with all people. Communicating in the right way helps us build relationships and connections with others. To help us on this path, a group of Mamre st...

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A group of people sitting, chatting, and decision making

Decision Making Possibilities Project

September11, 2020

Mamre has an exciting new supported decision making project starting in October. We are calling this new project Decision Making Possibilities. ...

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Governance Board Update

An Update from the Governance Board

June29, 2020

The Mamre Governance Board have some have good and sad news to share with you today. It is with heavy hearts that we announce Tom Condon’s retirement from his po...

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Accessibility Update wheelchair icon in purple

Accessibility Update

June26, 2020

We think you’ll agree that it’s essential for everyone to have equal access to information, research and knowledge. So we have a new addition to the Mamre website...

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Disability Royal Commission - one woman pushing a woman in a wheelchair on a path

Why is the Disability Royal Commission Important?

February26, 2020

The Disability Royal Commission was created in April 2019. Its purpose is to investigate the growing reports of neglect and abuse towards people with disability. Statistics show that Australians li...

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