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Man looking at a board with lots of information about service providers

Why you should have a service provider you trust and feel safe with

November03, 2020

Choosing a service provider is a tricky task. With so many options and levels of support available, it's hard to narrow down exactly what you want from a provider. But when you do choose a provider, i...

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Keep people safe Banner group of people at a creek smiling at the camera

Keeping people safe

September28, 2020

As always, our priority is to keep families and staff safe and healthy. We are always looking for ways we can continue to keep our support workers and families safe. At times like this, the future ...

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Two women reading an Easy English document

Reading Easy English

September24, 2020

At Mamre, we want to communicate in the right way with all people. Communicating in the right way helps us build relationships and connections with others. To help us...

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Decision Making Possibilities Banner two people in red shirts smiling at eachother

Decision Making Possibilities Project

September11, 2020

With the right support, we can all make decisions. ...

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Governance Board Update

An Update from the Governance Board

June29, 2020

The Mamre Governance Board have some have good and sad news to share with you today. It is with heavy hearts that we announce Tom Condon’s retirement from his po...

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