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Connect Play Learn package breakdown: What is included

December17, 2021

Connect Play Learn is an amazing new online learning package for parents and carers of little ones with development delays -- and it's launching in February, 2022. Connect Play Learn uses research ...

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kid sensory motor play

The power of waiting: Helping your child learn through play

November26, 2021

Words by Dr Jacqui Barfoot When we are worried about our child’s development, we often have a strong instinct to do more for them. We want to teach them more, show them more and get more involved...

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Consent flashcards

Helpful tools: Consent flashcards

November08, 2021

We all know how important it is to be able to make your own choices. At Mamre, we believe in having a say, which is why we have created this consent card sheet. In short, these consent flashcards ...

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Two people standing against a wall laughing

Update from the Decision Making Possibilities Project

September21, 2021

With the right support we can all make decisions, but people who communicate mostly without speech often feel left out of the decisions that affect their lives. That’s where the Decision Making Poss...

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A woman smiles at a young child smiling at the camera holding two small figurines

Connect Play Learn: Lighting up a child’s brain and lighting up life together!

September09, 2021

Connect Play Learn is a new online learning tool for parents and therapists launching in 2022. Connect Play Learn incorporates research on the best ways to help children learn, especially children wit...

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A picture of Nadena and her cheese platter on a purple background

Nadena and Jayne make a cheese platter

August31, 2021

During one of their recent Speech Pathology sessions, Nadena let Jayne know that she wanted to expand her culinary skills and learn how to make a cheese platter. Not only did they smash this goal, but...

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Connect Play Learn: how a relationship-focused approach could help you

May28, 2021

The Connect Play Learn team are excited to bring you some updates about their online learning program coming soon. Dr Jacqui Barfoot (OT), Lachlan Kerley (PhD Candidate, OT), Prof Pam Meredith (Head o...

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The Right Support: Decision Making Possibilities Update

May09, 2021

The Decision Making Possibilities Project (DMPP) is moving along nicely, and we just wanted to share with you some of the sensational developments with our Decision Makers and their networks. We kn...

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Decision Making Possibilities Update

February25, 2021

The Decision Making Possibilities Project (DMPP) is now well underway and we have some exciting news to share. DMPP Update Our 12 Decision Makers have now reached the "plan...

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A child wearing a pink top being held by her mother in a blue shirt - connect play learn banner

Get involved with Connect Play Learn

February19, 2021

Interested in getting involved with Connect Play Learn? Well, you'll be excited to hear that the modules are underway and the project team has been busy developing this new online learning package. An...

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