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Man looking at a board with lots of information about service providers In NDIS

Why you should have a service provider you trust and feel safe with

November 03, 2020

Choosing a service provider is a tricky task. With so many options and levels of support available, it’s hard to narrow down exactly what you want from a provider. But when you do choose a provider, it’s important that they are people you feel safe with and trust. So, what makes you feel safe with a provider? How can a provider earn your trust?

Some people value good communications and reliability. A service provider who helps them navigate the sometimes confusing NDIS system. As well as manage expectations and fix problems immediately when they arise. They want people they can count on. We have also found that when searching for a service provider, many supported people and their family members are looking for providers who address the person to be supported first. As well as be open to communicating with them in ways other than verbal. At Mamre, we will always greet and try to communicate with the person to be supported first. In cases where the supported person is unable to communicate, we respect the natural authority of family members and close friends.

Others value the quality, competency, experienced or appropriate matching of support workers and staff. It’s normal to want a team around you that has the knowledge, experience, or qualifications to assist with your specific needs. But what is the point of this expertise if support workers aren’t fit for you? It’s about matching support workers and the people they are supporting. This can be through hobbies, interests, and even things like gender, age, or ethnicities. Support workers become an important part of people’s lives. Mamre is extremely proud of our thorough matching specifications. We include all supported people and their families in the creation of their support team. We do not hire support workers unless you have met and approve of them. At the end of the day, we leave it up to you.

Or perhaps you’re looking to join an organisation where you are not just a number in the system. Somewhere that is flexible, personalises the experience, and cares. Maybe you want to join a community that takes the time to get to know you. It’s important to feel heard, understood, and prioritised. This includes being listening to and having your beliefs and values upheld. It’s not just about the provider doing the basics. It’s about finding the one that will go above and beyond. It also means having a provider that can adjust their services around your specific needs and preferences. Mamre encourages everyone to ask as many questions as you would like before and after joining our community. We proudly work toward creating tailored and individualised plans that not only meet your needs but your wants.

At the end of the day, it’s important to figure out what’s important to you and your situation. Choose a service provider that makes you feel comfortable. You should feel safe and trusting of your service provider. After all, there are here to benefit your life.

So, think that Mamre could be the right provider for you? If you know what you’re looking for, get in touch today!