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  • 1428 Logan Road, Mt. Gravatt QLD 4122
  • 07 3622 1222
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At Mamre, we’re a little different. We will always focus on providing quality supports and services to Brisbane families, but what sets us apart, is our community.

We have an active intentional community. This means we’re active. We show up. Life is hard, messy and wonderful and in these moments we’ve committed to be there for one another. At the centre of all we do is kindness, compassion with understanding and acceptance. Kindness and generosity helps us feel more connected and feeling connected melds us together and we kind of need that.

Want to join us?


Every Friday is cupcake Friday here at Mamre and everyone is welcome to our kitchen.

We often have small, informal events through the year too. Most often, park BBQ’s or kitchen get-togethers. It’s always informal and you’re always welcome to come for as little or as long as you like.

Let’s be honest. Our community programs have taken a hit because we no longer receive government funding but that hasn’t stopped us and we won’t give up… We’re determined to bring back all our community events, programs and initiatives. Right now, we are busy applying for grant funding and fundraising to bring likeminded people together to join our tribe. We’re hoping to have exciting news here soon.


What does it cost?


$0. Just a bit of time. But you know what? Connections aren’t built in one day and we have been saying we’re “fine” for too long. If you’ve ever thought you needed a village… well, we’re here and we can’t wait to meet you.


Stay connected


Pop your details into the form below and we will be in touch to chat about our community and how to get involved. Prefer to chat to a person? Call 07 3622 1222 – Ask for Ian or Celeste from the Community Wellness Team. We’re also on [email protected]