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Connect Play Learn: how a relationship-focused approach could help you

May 28, 2021

The Connect Play Learn team are excited to bring you some updates about their online learning program coming soon. Dr Jacqui Barfoot (OT), Lachlan Kerley (PhD Candidate, OT), Prof Pam Meredith (Head of OT, CQ Uni) have been developing online modules filled with great learning resources for families and therapists to apply a relationship-focused approach to early childhood intervention.

For families

The modules focus on strengthening interactions and relationships between children and their parents to help support the child’s development. Perfect for parents, childcare workers, and even teachers who support a child with developmental delays or disability. This online learning will teach families how to:

  • Better connect and understand their little ones;
  • Recognise what their child may be trying to signal to them during play and family time; and
  • Respond to their child in a way that facilitates development and connection.

For therapists

These learning modules are more technical and assists therapists working in early childhood intervention to focus on parent-child interactions. This online learning will walk through how to:

  • Do an initial appointment;
  • Observe parent/child interaction;
  • Set goals; and
  • Run a session using a relationship-focused approach

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The team is also excited to announce that the Connect Play Learn content has now been trialled with families to great success. We’ve also created videos to accompany the content. Lachlan Kerley said – “families and therapists have suggested real-life footage of therapy interactions. We’ve captured natural videos of families in therapy settings and in homes. This gives people a real, behind the scenes look at using this approach.”

Dr Jacqui has said that the feedback from families and clinicians so far has been wonderful and positive. “One mum after completing the sessions just asked me why no one had done this with her sooner.

The Connect Play Learn team are still looking for some families to trial the program later this year. We are inviting families to help us trial the modules for free and provide feedback. The official roll-out of the program is scheduled for December this year.

If you would like more information or are interested in participating, please feel free to email Connect Play Learn.

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