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Connect Play Learn: An online learning package for parents

September 25, 2020

Mamre’s therapy team often see parents who want to:

  • connect better with their little one
  • better understand child development
  • recognise what their child may be trying to signal to them during play and family time

The therapy team have started working on exciting new online learning packages for parents called Connect Play Learn. These modules will focus on strengthening parents’ relationships with their children.

These easily online packs will cover why waiting for a child’s signals is so powerful. And how to respond to signals in ways that can strengthen child development. It will also cover important aspects of understanding a child’s behaviour. As well as how to reconnect when “big feelings” have got the better of us all!

The Connect Play Learn online package is being developed by Dr Jacqui Barfoot (Occupational Therapist, PhD), Lachlan Kerley (Occupational Therapist, PhD Candidate) and Professor Pam Meredith (Head of Occupational Therapy at CQUniversity).

The team plan to include lots of video examples of parents using waiting and responding with their children, as well as videos of parents who are still developing these skills. We are currently looking for families to join Jacqui, Lachlan and Pam and help create the Connect Play Learn modules.

Participating will involve coming into Mamre or Jacqui and Lachlan coming to your home and filming you playing and interacting with your child. In addition, all families who take part will have free access to the online packages!

If you would like more information or are interested in participating, please email [email protected].