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A Connect2 approach in therapy


Mamre uses a relationship-focus as a core part of the therapy we provide young children, usually aged 0-6 years.

This means we work together with parents to understand what a child may be signalling during play and family interactions.

We now understand that the child’s ability to signal and the parent’s ability to read and respond to these signals is an important first step in supporting the child’s development.

When a child has developmental delays, it can make it much harder for them to provide signals and their signals can often be harder to read.

We work with parents to figure out how to respond to these signals to support a child’s development.

We also know that a child’s brain is most lit up when they are motivated to send us a signal in play, rather than the parent or therapist leading the game.

By waiting to see what the child signals, we can build a good foundation for other parts of their development like walking, talking, and being a part of daily routine activities.

Want to know more? Join Jacqui for a Parent Information Session on 16th September. Session available by webinar and at the Mamre Office in Newmarket.

Do you have a child aged between 0-7 years? If you’re interested in how this approach might work for your child, please click below or contact us to book a session.

Connect2 journeys


The Connect2 approach can assist a range of families in their therapy journey with their little one. Click on the images below to read each story and see the family therapy roadmap.

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