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Why is the Disability Royal Commission Important?

The Disability Royal Commission was established in April 2019. The Commission was created because of increasing reports of violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation of people with disability. The role of the Royal Commission aims to investigate all these reports. The Commission will also make recommendations to the Government about how to improve laws, policies and practices to make sure we have an inclusive and fair society.

Statistics have shown that  Australians living with a disability are around 10 times more likely to experience violence and three times more likely to be assaulted and sexually assaulted. Ref.

It’s important that we share our stories and experiences with the Commission to stop these incidents. The Commission is accepting submissions from people, families, support workers, organisations and the wider community regarding the mistreatment of people with disabilities.

You can share your experiences with the Royal Commission and if you need support communicating your story with the commission, please link in with this free advocacy service.