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Direct Support Services

People with Disability and their families can thrive, grow and become more resilient with the right amount of support at the right time provided in the right way, so that the person with a disability is supported to have a good life.

Mamre aims to provide flexible support to people with disability, and their families who wish to develop their gifts, passions, interests, friendships, natural networks and life opportunities.

Initial and On-going Eligibility

Mamre works alongside families who have a family member with a disability living at home with their natural or adoptive parents and family.  We also support individuals with disability who wish to live/currently live in a home of their own and have family members or other loved ones who share the same vision for a good life and are actively involved in the life of their family member with disability.

The person with disability needs to be a permanent resident of Queensland, have a diagnosed disability in accordance with the Disability Services Act 2006 and be residing in Mamre’s defined geographical areas.  The person with disability also needs to be registered and assessed with either Disability Services (if over the age of 6) or Queensland Community Care (between the ages of 0-4), or in receipt of approved funding through the NDIS.

When Mamre has capacity to provide support to new individuals and  families, Mamre provides the state funding bodies with capacity notification and the relevant funding body then provides Mamre with eligible referrals.

When the NDIS becomes available to people with disability living in Mamre’s geographical area then participants who are provided with an Individual Funding Package are eligible to receive support from Mamre.

Commencing with Mamre

When a person with disability and their family is referred to Mamre, the family attends an information session which outlines the ways in which Mamre can work alongside the family to Vision, Plan and utilize their informal networks and funded resources. If the family and Mamre are aligned in relation to sharing similar beliefs, values and goals then the family commences with Mamre.  This process is important as it enables the family to self-select whether Mamre is the most relevant service for them.

After the family commences with Mamre then a hosted series of workshops are held for families to attend.  Topics vary but can include:

  • Human Rights and People with Disability
  • Vision and Planning
  • Parent Advocacy
  • The Authority of Families
  • Choice and Control
  • Planning for your child’s communication needs
  • Socially valued roles
  • Social Capital (Social networks, shared values and behaviours which enable and encourage mutual cooperation)
  • Getting the best outcomes for your child from your funding resources
  • People with Disability and Parents sharing their journeys thus far

How does Mamre provide support?

When a new family commences with Mamre, a Key Worker is matched and linked to the family.  The family may choose to have a Key Worker for a short period of time or in an on-going way, to a level of involvement of their choice.  Some families may choose to manage all their supports that they receive via funded resources.


The role of the Key Worker (short term- approximately 10 hours) can include:


  • Getting to know the person with disability – their gifts, interests, skills, likes, dislikes, passions
  • Exploration of the person’s dreams, Vision and Goals
  • Exploration of the person’s local community (community audit) , existing relationships and potential opportunities
  • Exploration of how the person’s funded resources can be used to complement existing relationships, connections and resources
  • Exploration of what aspects of the funded resources can be self-managed by the person and their family
  • Development of a support plan (agreement as to who will do what and how this will be implemented and by whom)
  • Staffing resources (Recruitment, induction, training, supervision, setting work goals)


The role of the Key Worker (longer term) can include:


All of the above as well as………

  • Maintain regular contact with the person with disability and their family (phone calls, emails, home visits)
  • Review and monitor the services being delivered to the person and family
  • Develop Support Plans at six month intervals
  • Assist with community connections, education and network building
  • Provide on-going information that is relevant to the family (workshops, conferences, courses, networking opportunities)
  • Seek alternative funding sources that may assist the family to meet the disability related needs of the person
  • Invitations to Mamre community events
  • Assistance provided to parents to advocate for their child/family member with disability
  • Recruit, train and supervise support workers (Mamre employed support workers)
  • Provide assistance with the rostering of direct support staff
  • Report to the person with disability, their family and relevant funding bodies on the outcomes being achieved by the person with disability
  • Link the parents to a parent mentor
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Provide Mamre with feedback from the family in relation to any unmet needs that Mamre can innovatively respond too
  • Provide the role of “Asker”
  • Assist siblings to link with other siblings
  • Assist person with disability to develop their leadership skills


  • Assist person with disability to participant in leadership opportunities such as membership to reference groups, working groups, committees etc.
  • Assistance to access disability specific and generic community supports and services

For more information on Mamre’s direct support services contact us.

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