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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) during COVID-19


This is a resource we have created for Mamre families. Every day there seem to be big changes happening and because these are fast and steady changes, we thought it might be best to create an FAQ list for people that receive support and services from Mamre.

We will aim to update this page regularly with new questions that we are hearing. Be sure to refer back to this page from time to time.

Do you know how long these restrictions will last?

Sadly, nobody knows how long these restrictions will last. We are regularly following the government advice and will keep you updated with restrictions and easing of restrictions.


Is Mamre continuing to operate? 

Yes, Mamre aims to continue all services We have put in place social distancing measures and made sure all face-to-face staff have completed an infection control refresher training course.  

Support Coordination – Via phone, email and online meetings
Plan Management – Via phone, email and online meetings
Allied Health – All therapy appointments are now online, often called telehealth
Direct Services – Support workers continue face to face with appropriate social distancing measures (where possible) and infection control procedures 


Why have some service prices changed? 

On the 30th March you received an email about change to the NDIS price guide.  

During this time a temporary 10% (COVID-19 loading) fee has been added to some core and capacity building supports. This may seem like a large change, but the increase will ensure that service provider doors remain open and that Mamre can provide continued services. The 10% increase applies to: 

  • assistance with daily life (excluding supported independent living)  
  • assistance with social and community participation 
  • improved health and wellbeing (excluding personal training)  
  • improved daily living skills 

This price increase is temporary and you can read the full email here


Should I continue to have support workers in my home?  

Each person’s circumstances are a little different. Families that receive direct support services from Mamre have created a plan in line with their personal risk and comfort levels. Unfortunately, Mamre cannot suggest if you should or should not continue with your support or services. If you feel at risk, we suggest contacting your team leader or service provider.


What if my support workers work in other places? 

If you are uncomfortable with your support workers working across multiple families, please contact your team leader or external service provider. All Mamre families are making sure everyone is following social distancing regulations (where possible) and infection control procedures.  


Can my support workers receive JobKeeper? 

Mamre has applied for JobKeeper and is in contact with all staff that are eligible to receive JobKeeper payments.   


What if I need to cancel a service? 

If you need to cancel an appointment or support worker shift, please let us know with as much notice as possible. You will have received a notification on 30th March that our cancellation policy has changed to 5 business days notice. This is shorter than the recommended 10 days notice recommended by the NDIS. This also applies to support workers, so if you cancel less than 5 business days out of your shift, your support worker will still be paid.  


What activities can we do? 

Making sure that we follow social distancing guidelines means that we will all be at home a lot more. We have created a page of education and entertainment links that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home.


Do we need personal protective equipment (PPE)? 

Unfortunately, there is a nationwide shortage of PPE. Distribution of this PPE is being governed by the National Medical Stockpile. We must prioritise the use to situations where there is a confirmed COVID-19 case or exposure to a confirmed case. 


What’s going to happen if we go into lock down? 

All families that receive direct services have been contacted. Each family has made an individual plan suitable for them and their support workers in the event of a lockdown. We suggest all families prepare a plan, talk to family and their service providers to make arrangements in line with your plan. Remember that Mamre’s Acts of Kindness group is also here if you need something or if you would like more information about financial assistance, we have created a page of resources from trusted and reputable sources,


If you have a question that has not been answered on this page, please call or email Mamre on 07 3622 1222