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Governance Board Update In News

An Update from the Governance Board

June 29, 2020

The Mamre Governance Board have some have good and sad news to share with you today.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Tom Condon’s retirement from his position as President. Tom and wife Gemma have a long connection and history with Mamre.

Tom’s dedication to the Governance Board has spanned fifteen years. Firstly joining in 2006 and retiring as president for the first time in 2011. Tom then returned to the Governance Board in 2014 where he was elected Vice President in 2015. After that, Tom went on to be elected President in May 2016 until his recent resignation.

Tom has a genuine care for the Mamre Community and his achievements while on the Governance Board are numerous. Just a handful of his many highlights include:

  • Managing Mamre’s transition to the NDIS
  • Assisted in the creation of Disability Law Queensland to fight and advocate for Queenslanders
  • Overseeing the creation and growth of Pave the Way
  • Improved and maintained a high level of Governance over Mamre
  • Appointment of new Chief Executive Officer
  • Guided and supported Management through many challenges and changes

Now the good news! We’re proud to announce that David Stephenson has stepped into the role of President and Gillian Hulse will take on the position of Vice President. Both David and Gillian have elected to temporarily undertake these crucial roles until the Annual General Meeting in November.

The Mamre Governance Board

A row of 9 professional people smiling at the camera

Photo from L-R: Julie Tealby, Pam Weeks, Tom Condon, Silvia Azmitia, David Stephenson, Gillian Hulse, James Barbeler, Margaret Endicott, Chris Gore
Absent: Regina Deerain


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