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Inspirit is a series of initiatives which encourage, embolden and inspire families, services and the broader community to work towards a rich, meaningful and inclusive life for people with a disability in the community of their choice.

Mamre believes its experience and understanding of what is possible for people with a disability and their families can build the capacity of families, services and the broader community who are working for positive change.

 Inspirit will:

  1. Provide opportunities for families to develop networks of support around themselves;
  2. Provide education and information to assist families to imagine a better life for their family member; and
  3. Identify and develop family leaders.

 Inspirit provides families and staff members opportunities for:

  1. Active engagement within the sector to stimulate and contribute to debates important to people with a disability and families.
  2. Education and information to develop the capacities of families, staff members and the broader community.
  3. New ideas and service types on a hosted or auspiced basis.

Inspirit is funded by Mamre.

For upcoming Inspirit events, see below or for further information please contact us.