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A woman smiles at a young child smiling at the camera holding two small figurines In Therapy

Connect Play Learn: Lighting up a child’s brain and lighting up life together!

September 09, 2021

Connect Play Learn is a new online learning tool for parents and therapists launching in 2022. Connect Play Learn incorporates research on the best ways to help children learn, especially children with developmental difficulties and delays.

We know that when a child has a play, movement, or communication idea themselves (like reaching for a toy), their brain lights up differently, and much more, than when we show them an idea (like passing them the toy).

When a child’s brain lights up, it is firing and wiring well, which means a lot more learning is happening!

As parents, carers and professionals interested in helping children learn, we often think the more we do the more a child learns. When we are worried about a child’s development, our natural instinct is to want to help and do more to assist them.

However, research shows that when we wait for a child to organise their brain and their body and give them space and time to start their idea, they do their best learning and growing.

Children benefit from practising organising their brain and their body and showing us their ideas or signals. Children can also have communication signals that are specific to them, that happen quickly and can be easy to miss.

Connect Play Learn provides you with tips and information on how to help a child’s brain light up for the best learning experience. It also shows you how to notice and respond to a child’s signals to foster a deeper connection and build confidence while having fun together.

Connect Play Learn is launching in February 2022. If you’re keen to hear more and want to be first in line to check out this great new resource when it launches, please email the Connect Play Learn team.

Dr Jacqui Barfoot and the Connect Play Learn team.