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Lockdown Fun - Lydia at the Glasshouse Mountains In Community Stories

Lockdown Fun

June 26, 2020

So, if you’ve been following our community stories for a while, you probably know Lydia. Her sense of humour and a newfound love of adventure keeps us all entertained and encourages us to try new things. Lydia sent these photos to us and titled them “Lockdown Fun!”. We think you’ll agree, it does look like a lot of fun!

1. Night tennis with Roechel

2. Travelling to the Glasshouse Mountain view on a cold day

Lockdown fun - Lydia at the Glasshouse Mountains

3 & 4. Making a cactus garden with painted purple frogs and a variety of different types of succulents

5. Bushwalking at the Maleny National Park


6. Getting stuck in the fence 😂

7. Hanging outside the Harry Potter shop at Samford Village with some chicken garden ornaments

Lockdown fun - Lydia at the Harry Potter shop with chicken lawn ornaments


What a wonderful time! It’s great to see members of our community not only dealing with lockdown but having a great time and thriving.

Lockdown has been a very challenging time for many members of our community. But it’s important to stay active. It just means having a think outside of the box for activities. What have you been doing for lockdown fun?

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