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Mamre ‘Acts of Kindness’

May 29, 2017

The Acts of Kindness project is an initiative that seeks to support people within the Mamre Community in times of need or just to let them know we are thinking about them.  It is through the relationships we share that we become aware when somebody may need to be offered a helping hand or kind gesture.

Acts of Kindness are freely given rather than asked for and about a community response, rather than a funded or service response. The goal of the project is to increase social connectedness, lend a hand when it is needed and to let community members know they have practical and spiritual support through being a part of the Mamre Community.

Some highlights of the year so far include:

  • Building a climbing wall for a young person with a keen interest in climbing.
  • Helping  a family pack up and move house.
  • Mamre Pantry Cook up. We have provided over 200 meals since October last year and recently held another cook up where we created another 130 meals! This was our biggest cook up yet and would not have been possible without the effort and donations of staff and the amazing coordination of Paul Cokayne (Southside Team Leader/ Caterer extraordinaire)
  • Flowers to acknowledge difficulties and celebrations in peoples lives.
  • Assistance with other practical household tasks: painting a fence and the interior of a home, cleaning gutters, general repairs, backyard  maintenance.
  • Assistance with groceries and personal care items when people could benefit from a little bit of financial assistance.

If you would like to donate to the Acts of Kindness Project or register to volunteer your time, please contact your Keyworker or local Mamre office.