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Allied Health

Allied Health was created to provide our families with mobile, flexible, and coordinated therapy support. Designed to empower and assist children and adults in reaching their goals. We have a passionate team of Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists. Mamre’s Allied Health Service aims to:

  • provide highly individualised therapy that uses collaborative assessment
  • strengthen relationships and connection between family members
  • assist in the development and enhancement of skills for the people Mamre supports
  • provide parents and carers with support and practical tools

Find out more information about Mamre’s Allied Health Therapy services by clicking here.


Core Support

The Mamre Core Support team have years of specialised knowledge and experience in support people. We work in partnership with the people we support to create tailored plans that achieve goals. Core Support assists with in-home services including household tasks and daily living, social activities, capacity building, and achieving goals. As well as general day-to-day assistance to help live their version of a good life. Mamre can help develop and implement the use of a Behaviour Support Plan.

An important part of Mamre’s Core Support is our recruitment process where the people we supported have the choice and control over who is hired. We take pride in our matching system of support workers to people they support.

For more about Core Support and In-Home Disability Services, click here.


Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators provide an individualised, tailored approach to creating NDIS plans and setting them into action. Above all, we put you at the centre of planning and work alongside people through their NDIS journey.

Support Coordination involves an initial consultation to discuss goals, create an individualised plan and linking to appropriate services. Once your plan is running, our team will regularly check in, evaluate, and make any changes needed. Finally, when it’s time for the plan to be reviewed, our support coordinators will help review future goals, gathering documentation, and attending the review with you.

Find out more information about our Support Coordination services by clicking here.


Supported Independent Living

At Mamre, we focus on providing the support you need to live the life you want. We work with you and your support network to help create the ideal Supported Independent Living Services (SILS), tailored to your needs and goals.

We work collaboratively with you and your support network to get it all ready. Our experienced team will get everything up and running including hiring support workers specifically matched to your personality and any specific needs or requirements. We then continue to work with you in an open and transparent way to ensure your happiness.

For more about Supported Independent Living, click here.


Plan Management

Our Plan Management team are experienced in simplifying the NDIS process to help you navigate the system. Mamre can assist you to manage some or all of your plan. In addition, Mamre also has Family Liaison Officers who work with our Plan Managers to ensure plans run smoothly.

Plan Management can take care of the day-to-day NDIS financial processes including:

  • processing invoices, both with registered and unregistered providers, and paying suppliers
  • managing claims through the NDIS portal
  • processing reimbursement claims
  • tracking your NDIS budget
  • resolving issues with service providers
  • ensuring invoices are priced in line with set NDIS limits

For more information about what’s involved with Plan Management, click here.


Legal Services (DLQ)

Disability Law Queensland, also known as DLQ, is Mamre’s independent legal practice. DLQ provides tailored legal advice and services for people with disabilities and their families. With a special focus on legal safeguarding, DLQ can assist people with: Wills, Guardianship, Trusts, and Human Rights and Discrimination cases.

Visit DLQ’s website by clicking here and learn more about what they could do for you and your family.