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Mamre’s Growing Greener

April 09, 2021

We’re making some exciting changes at Mamre and moving towards a greener office, in a couple of different ways.

We’re running on sunshine

We are thrilled to have taken another step forward in becoming a more environmentally friendly office space. We’re now using clean renewable solar energy.

This would not have been possible without the generous grant we successfully applied for. Thank you to the Community Benefit Fund and others for supporting not-for-profits like Mamre to make big changes that will have a far-reaching positive impact.

Our new front area

And to go along with our new solar power, we decided to redecorate and spruce up our front door area with new outdoor seating and some plants. It’s amazing what some greenery can do! We are starting to see more wildlife around the office. Here are just a few photos of our new visitors.


So now when you come to Mamre and if you’re waiting to meet with one of our teamies, please feel free to hang out on the greener front bench and let us know if you see some little creatures around. And stay tuned as we’ve got some other new exciting changes happening in the Mamre office soon.