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Meet George

August 22, 2017

Are you ready to meet George? Read about him below!

Hi! My name is George. I’m two years old, and I live in a cheerful, music-filled, and colourful home with my mum, Cassandra.

Mum and my support worker Tsarie help me learn and explore. I can do lots of things and I am growing up so quickly! I can hold my own bottle, sit up straight, and get up on my hands and knees. I’m nearly crawling!

I’m very busy with music therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and my other appointments, but I also spend a lot of time socialising with my friends, playing with my toys, waving to my shadow and ‘the boy in the mirror’, and…napping!

I love to catch the ferry to the park so I can play on the playground. I’m getting stronger every day, and I’m learning to play on more parts of the playground. I especially love the swing, the dragon spring rocker, and relaxing on a picnic blanket with a big leaf to play with.

I love music, especially The Wiggles! Signing along to songs is also something I love. I am very good at requesting songs in sign—my repertoire grows every week! So far I can sign along to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘Sing a Rainbow’, ‘Three Little Ducks’, ‘Do The Propeller’, ‘Rock-a-Bye Your Bear’, and ‘Quack Quack Cockadoodledoo’.

But sometimes I just love to sit back while mum or Tsarie sing and sign to me. I always give a big round of applause when they finish singing!

I have come a long way in two years, and I have so much more to look forward to!

You can watch me grow and learn on Instagram: @Gorgeous_George_2015

George looking in a mirror with his tongue out George smiling while sitting at the pools edge