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Meet Sydney

December 14, 2020

Are you ready to meet Sydney?

At Mamre, we’re passionate about creating good lives together. We know that each person has their own unique version of what that is. Recently we sat down to have a chat with Sydney and her family about their vision for a good life. Take a look at Sydney, Isaac, and Belinda’s story below!



Sydney lives with her brother Isaac and her mother Belinda, who is her main carer. Although life can be tricky, they feel like they’re on the journey to having their version of a good life.

For Sydney, her happiness is linked to her health, family, and love. She hopes her family can do lots of fun activities together like anyone else and dreams of a life that is without barriers. Similarly, Isaac’s version of a happy life is just being able to play with his sister and have fun together.

For Belinda, achieving a good life is about realising you can’t do everything yourself. It’s about acknowledging what’s unique about your family and getting the support you need. Belinda admits that when Sydney was born, she was in a place of denying help. Her mentality was: “No, it’s okay. It’s my child. I brought this child into the world. It’s my responsibility.”

But then, disability services workers took the time to explain that it’s best to get support in place now. While Sydney was still young.

Belinda was able to connect with support services to make life better for her herself and her family. With this support in place, Belinda is now a proud advocate for other families seeking support. Belinda revealed that it’s common for families of an individual with a disability to become overwhelmed because they try to do everything themselves. They often forget to reevaluate what they, and their family, need. She recalls one family who was known for helping others find the right equipment and services. But had started to go through some tough times themselves because they did not realise they needed more support. But there is a happy ending here. Others noticed this struggle and worked together to help them create a plan review for more support. And they got it! With their support needs met, they were able to go on to help even more families.


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