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Nadena’s Cucumber Garden

December 08, 2020

Nadena has recently discovered a love of gardening and has been kind enough to share the following images and story of her cucumber garden adventure.

Mamre Allied Health Speech Pathologist Jayne has been working with Nadena and her mother in creating and maintaining this garden.

Keep reading to hear about Nadena’s cucumber garden in her own words. This was written by Nadena during a Speech Pathology session with Jayne.


Nadena’s Cucumber Garden

I like cucumbers. It’s healthy to eat them.

We started growing cucumbers in the garden. Mum and Jayne are helping me grow the cucumbers.

We planted the cucumbers. We planted 5 plants but one died. The cucumbers grew quickly and big.

We water all of the plants each day. We make sure they are ok by checking for bugs and grasshoppers. They are spikey bugs so don’t touch them.

Soon we will pick the cucumbers. I want to make a greek salad. I’m going to try this recipe with mum and Jayne soon.