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Decision Making Possibilities Project

With the right support, we can all make decisions. But people who communicate mostly without speech can often feel left out of the decisions that affect their lives. That is why we’re starting an exciting new project called Decision Making Possibilities.  

The NDIA promotes “choice and control” for all people. But what does this mean for someone who communicates using body language, sound, facial expression or gesture? Are the choices being made for them working towards their vision of a good life?  

The Decision Making Possibilities project is designed for people who mostly do not use speech to communicate. It will provide support to enhance the decision-making skills of the person and their network. The key elements of the support provided within the Decision Making Possibilities project include network facilitation, communication support, genuine person-centred planning and education, and practice in supported decision-making.  As well as build on previous research about supported decision-making to strengthen the rights, voice, and capacity of individuals. 

We all make decisions in relationships with others. We often use our relationships with friends and family members to help make choices. For example, if you’re looking for a good café, you’ll ask for recommendations from people you know. Similarly, if you have a big decision to make, you will draw on the experiences of people you are close to. This project will assist people in deciding who are the best people in their lives to help them weigh up the options and act based on their choice. 

Mamre is looking for 12 people who mostly communicate without using speech to join the project as our Decision Makers. These Decisions Makers will be joined by their Decision Supporters who can be anyone they would like to be involved. This could be a family member, friend, or any supportive or important person in their life. This project will: 

  • Include regular 1 to 2-month meetings between decision-makers, decisions supporters, and other project members 
  • Run for 2 years, starting in October 2020
  • Have no costs for the decision-makers or their supporters 
  • Include activities like:  
    • person-centred planning 
    • bringing the Decision Makers network together to learn
    • speech pathology and communication support 
    • learning about supported decision making.

This project is funded by an ILC grant and is a joint project between WA’s Individualised ServicesMamre, Sotica, and the Decision Agency. The same project will also be taking place in Perth with 12 other Decision Makers and their supporters enjoying the same adventure. 

If you’re interested in learning more or want to join the project, please contact Marissa Carlyon by emailing [email protected] or calling (07) 3622 1222 or 0429 693 842. We can’t wait to hear from you! 


Please note: the Decision Making Possibilities Project has now come to an end. To learn more about Supported Decision Making, please click here