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Decision Making Possibilities Update

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The Decision Making Possibilities Project (DMPP) is now well underway and we have some exciting news to share.

DMPP Update

Our 12 Decision Makers have now reached the “planning for a good life” phase of the project. These sessions involve activities that help the Decision Makers decide what’s important to and for them. Once they have decided what a good life looks like for them, they can inform others. This ensures that the Decision Maker is at the centre of all choices in their lives.

During these sessions, network facilitators work with the Decision Makers to decide who they want in their support network. This network is a group of people who will assist the Decision Maker to practice decision making with support. The group will commit to interpreting, responding and acting upon the Decision Makers’ preferences. The goal is for these networks to meet up every 1-2 months over the next two years.

Decision Makers have also started meeting with Speech Therapists. This is to establish how Decision Makers are currently communicating. As well as how to assist them to expand and grow their communication systems so they can have more say. This is an extremely important step as communication is fundamental to many things in life. Creating the opportunity for people with complex communication needs to make decisions that affect their lives is critical.

About the project

With the right support, we can all make decisions. The Decision Making Possibilities Project aims to provide support to enhance the decision-making skills of the supported person and their network. This project involved 12 decisions makers, their support networks, network facilitators, speech therapists, and more. Funded by an ILC grant, this is a joint project between WA’s Individualised Services, Mamre, Sotica, and the Decision Agency.

Stay tuned for more DMPP updates soon. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out our other Decision Making Possibilities blogs here: