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Mamre News - January 2023

Street view of the Mamre Aspley SIL House. Mamre news logo in the bottom right corner

New Supported Independent Living houses 
At Mamre, our focus is on providing the support you need to live the life you want. With that in mind, we're excited to announce our new SIL houses, which offer a home and support solution so you can live as independently as possible. Each house will provide high-quality, long-term accommodation tailored to a person's living preferences, with 24/7 onsite care. We're creating safe and welcoming spaces where a small number of people with intellectual disability live together. We'll have a strong focus on both matching people with compatible housemates and a house that best suits their needs. We'll be advertising our first share house on the Brisbane Northside (pictured above) in the coming weeks, and we wanted to let you, our community, know first so you have the chance to express your interest. For more information, click on the link below or if you'd like to register your interest, please feel free to email us or visit our SIL webpage.

A collage of four pictures from Mamre Aspley SIL house. Top left, living room. Top right, view of house front from the street. Bottom left, dining room. Bottom right, a bedroom.

Power To You
Planning a good life and getting the support you need are best achieved in the company of good people. Power To You has launched its newest e-learning module, My Circle, which is about creating your Circle of Support. Created with co-designer Jasmin Cox, head to the Power To You website to start today or learn more about Jasmin's story here. If you've any questions, please email the Power To You team.

Mamre events
Now that we're all settled in our Windsor office, we're excited to start hosting community events again this year. And we're starting to plan our 40th birthday celebration! So, keep an eye out for invitations hitting your email and on the Mamre socials soon. If you have a suggestion for a Mamre event you'd like to attend, feel free to send us an email

An exciting year ahead
With a new service offering and our 40th birthday coming up, 2023 is already turning out to be a fantastic year for Mamre and our community. We can't wait to see what we achieve this year!  We already know it's going to be a great one where we will strengthen connections and relationships, do amazing work, our community will grow, and we'll continue to create good lives together.