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Nadena and Jayne make a cheese platter

A young girl in a purple frame sits next to her homemade cheese platter

During one of their recent Speech Pathology sessions, Nadena let Jayne know that she wanted to expand her culinary skills and learn how to make a cheese platter. Not only did they smash this goal, but they also had so much fun doing it that they wanted to share it with others.

So, after taking some pictures and writing down the steps, Nadena and Jayne made this lovely guide on how to make a cheese platter that you can download and use to make your own!

We asked Nadena why she decided to make a cheese platter and what her favourite part was.

Why did you make a cheese platter?

Because it was a good idea, it’s yummy, I like cheese.

What did you put on your cheese platter?

Camembert cheese, feta cheese, strawberries, apples – red and green, apricots, olives, biscuits (has to be Jatz), chocolate, cherry tomatoes.

What did you learn while making the cheese platter?

We spread some food out, it would look good that way. There is more than one place to get food. Make sure you have a big plate and little bowls for all your food.

What was the best thing about the cheese platter?

It tastes nice. I like the cheese.

What did your family think of the platter?

Mum thought it was great. My sister K said it was good – she said she would prefer hummus. My other sister J said it was 3.5 out of 3. She thought it was great. Even my cat Bruno liked the strawberries, apricots, olives, tomatoes and both cheeses. He liked the apple, but it was hard to eat.