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The Right Support: Decision Making Possibilities Update

The Decision Making Possibilities Project (DMPP) is moving along nicely, and we just wanted to share with you some of the sensational developments with our Decision Makers and their networks.

We know that in the past, many people with complex communication access needs who use gesture, vocalisation, eye gaze or technological assistance to communicate have not been supported to make the decisions that impact their lives. At the centre of this project is the belief that everyone can make choices with the right support. DMPP explores what it takes to give 12 Decision Makers the support they need to make choices about their life.

We all need support to make decisions, and we draw on the support of people we know and trust.  We might go to one person for support about money. But may not go to the same person when deciding where to take our next holiday!

Decision Makers are inviting some of their friends, family members and important people to be their Decision Supporters and join their network.  We know that when someone has people around them who get to know them very well, their will and preferences are more likely to be understood and acted upon.  These people are saying ‘yes!’ to learning about how to support someone to make more decisions.

So far, some Decision Makers are making lots of everyday choices like where to go and what to cook.  Some Decision Makers are deciding on who they want to be in their network.  Two people have expressed that friends are important, and they want to extend their friendship circle.  One Decision Maker decided they wanted to ride a bike!


About the project

We are thrilled with the developments in the project and cannot wait to bring you more updates soon. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to email project lead, Marissa Carlyon, if you have any questions.

DMPP is all about providing more choice and control to those who communicate in lots of different ways. In partnership with WA’s Individualised ServicesSotica and Decision Agency and funded through an NDIA ILC grant, this project will see 24 people across Brisbane and Perth people with complex communication needs go on a journey over the next two years. At the centre of the project is the belief that with the right support, everyone can make decisions. You can read more about the project here.


Please note: the Decision Making Possibilities Project has now come to an end. To learn more about Supported Decision Making, please click here