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Out and About with Lydia

May 01, 2021

The adventurous Lydia is out and about again! Lydia recently headed out west to Toowoomba for a local getaway for a day. She and Christine spent the day wandering around the beautiful Toowoomba parklands. They had a great time just slowing down and stopping to smell the flowers.

Lydia and Christine had a brilliant time exploring Toowoomba and highly recommend heading there for a fun day out that’s only a couple of hours drive out of Brisbane. And with the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers coming up, the ladies have said they’ll be heading back up the mountain for another trip soon.

But that is not all that Lydia has been up to recently. She and Christine have also been flexing their sporting muscles and have giving mini-golfing a go!

They both said that it was a great day and a really fun activity to do to pass the time. Although it looks like Christine found the excitement a bit too much. As she needed to have a little nap on one of the greens.

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