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Win great prizes while supporting the Mamre community!

Mamre has partnered with Play for Purpose a not-for-profit lottery that gives you the chance to win some amazing prizes while helping us raise funds to help us support the community.

First-place winners will receive a $250K prize package! Prizes go all the way to the 395th winner! It’s never been so easy to make a difference.

Tickets cost $10 with half of every ticket purchase going towards supporting the Mamre community through the Acts of Kindness (AOK) initiative.

AOK supports members of the community. Our volunteers help individuals and families to achieve more social connectedness and provide practical support when needed. AOK’s can take the form of anything required to improve a life, from sharing a cuppa together and providing essential food to supplying equipment and coordinating handyman projects in homes. It’s all about lending a hand and reminding families that support is always available.

AOKs have been varied and numerous over the years. Through your Play for Purpose ticket, we can continue more Acts of Kindness like:

We believe that kindness is contagious and that with some simple acts, we can make the world a better place. So, purchase your Play for Purpose raffle ticket today and help us spread more kindness.

If you’d like to volunteer, request a kind act or nominate someone for a kind act, feel free to get in touch with our Wellness Team by emailing us