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Reach out to Acts of Kindness

May 29, 2021

We recently had a family reach out to see if anyone would be willing to spend some time helping them move. Our AOK volunteers put their hands up straight away. The team spent a couple of hours loading and unloading personal and precious items.

We know that sometimes asking for help is hard. We really value being asked to help people, particularly right now with the distance that COVID has put between some families. It’s these small gestures like helping people move that can mean so much when family is far away, or when people don’t have the support of a large extended family.

Small acts from the community can make people feel truly connected. And that’s what we’re all about.

A big thank you to our AOK teamies Ian and Christine for volunteering their time. The family was so appreciative that they even rewarded the whole Mamre team with a huge delicious plate of home-baked cookies. They did not last long!


About Acts of Kindness

AOK supports members of the community. Our volunteers help individuals and families to achieve more social connectedness and provide practical support when they need it. Acts of Kindness can be anything from small gestures like having a chat over a cup of tea or larger handyman projects at home. If you, or someone you know, could use some extra kindness and a helping hand, reach out to Acts of Kindness and contact our team here.

We have two exciting upcoming events to raise funds for AOK. These are our theatre night seeing Westside Story at QPAC and our Bridge to Brisbane walk. Tickets are now available for both events so come along. You can also donate to AOK directly by grabbing a raffle ticket. Thank you for your support.