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Reflecting on Mamre’s History

November 20, 2020

Mamre has such a beautiful rich history that we are immensely proud of. Reflecting back on our humble beginnings in the 80s and what services we offered then, it is clear how far Mamre has really come over the past 40 years while still holding true its Charter and values.

Mamre started for the incredibly important purpose of helping families be together. And not in institutions but from the comfort of a warm and loving home. Since then, Mamre has evolved alongside people and changed as individuals and families have needed.

Please watch our short “Origin of Mamre” animation below.



Although Mamre’s evolution looks quite simple in the animation, it has been made possible through the hard work and dedication of families, friends, and staff members, both past and present. We want to acknowledge and thank everyone over the years for their worthwhile involvement in building Mamre to what we are today.

An important key message in our short animation story is the fact that in each frame, there are always at least two people. We did this specifically to show the importance that relationships have in Mamre. We are proud of our wonderfully diverse community where we aim to build a sense of belonging and connection for everyone.

Finally, we’re excited that Mamre’s official new tagline is “Creating good lives together”. Each of these words holds a true significant meaning at Mamre. We choose these specific words because:



It takes time and work to create anything. Creating is for Mamre’s ongoing evolution.


What does a ‘good life’ look like to you? The question is specific for each person, family and response.


It’s not about thought or a policy. It’s about lives. Real lives.


Togetherness is a community, a family, a team working together to achieve the best outcome.


We are extremely proud of our past, we’re loving our present, and we cannot wait to see where the future takes Mamre. We look forward to growing our services, community, and presences in Brisbane while honouring our beginning. And never forgetting our primary mission to make peoples’ lives better.


Marg Endicott