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Allied Health Team

Therapists who put you first

Meet our Allied Health therapists.

Our team of Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists create therapy plans tailored to your individual goals and needs for the best outcome every time.   

Marissa looking at the camera smiling on a grey background

Marissa Carlyon

Executive Director | Capability Building

Marissa leads the Allied Health team, comprised of Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists. The Allied Health team sees clients both in and out of the office.  

Marissa is an experienced Allied Health manager and Certified Practicing Speech Language Pathologist who joined Mamre to develop the Allied Health service.   

Marissa is a mum to a rambunctious child who loves beach romps, picnics, and hammock hangs.

Sally looking at the camera smiling on a grey background

Sally Doolan

Practice Manager | Allied Health

Sally manages the day to day operations of the Allied Health service.

Sally is our people person and drive positive relationships with our customers to ensure therapy occurs in the best-fit way for each person.

Sally is the first person people speak with and will always prioritise getting to know each person and what's important to them.

At home, Sally is mum to four wonderful kids and adores seeing the world through their eyes.

Jessica Preston smiles at the camera with a grey background

Jessica Preston

Speech pathologist

Jess is an experienced Speech Pathologist who enjoys working with children, teenagers, and adults.  Jess joined Mamre in the early days of the therapy team.  

Jess is passionate about providing one on one, unique, and creative services to help people communicate and improve engagement and relationships. She loves to upskill all the important people in a person’s life through training, problem-solving and connecting.  

When not at Mamre, Jess is at home with her husband, two spirited children and their giant German Shepherd, Zeus. 

Kayla looking at the camera smiling on a grey background

Kayla McLean

Speech Pathologist

Kayla is an experienced Speech Pathologist who enjoys supporting people of all ages, and their support networks, to achieve individualised and unique goals. 

Kayla believes that when delivering communication support, there is not always a one size fits all communication method for everyone. 

Kayla is experienced in supporting complex mealtime management and oral care and strives to create a safe and enjoyable mealtime environment that meets each person’s goal. 

In her spare time, Kayla enjoys spending time at home with her husband and their young daughter and working out at the gym. 

Kim looking at the camera smiling on a grey background

Kimberley Robson

Speech Pathologist

Kimberley is a Speech Pathologist who has experience working across many areas of communication including speech, fluency, and alternative forms of communication. 

Kimberley enjoys working with people of all ages. She loves helping young children build understanding of their world and develop language skills to share their feelings, messages and stories. 

Kim is our resident artist and is often asked to create amazing images for Mamre projects.  

When not at work, Kimberley enjoys art, spending time with her dog, and cultivating her plant collection. 

Heather looking at the camera smiling on a grey background

Heather Fuller

Occupational Therapist

Heather is an Occupational Therapist, who enjoys working with people of all ages to make gains towards their goals. 

Heather has experience in prescribing assistive technology solutions, promoting people to learn new skills, assisting people to build their existing abilities with a strengths-based focus, and helping people to modify tasks to suit their abilities and personal circumstances. 

Heather greatly values establishing trusting relationships with supported people and their supports, to help facilitate and enable them to engage in all aspects of daily life. 

When not at Mamre, Heather enjoys doing crafts, playing boardgames with friends and family.

Allied health admin Danielle de Fortier smiling at the camera on a grey background

Danielle de Fortier

Allied Health Administrator/Allied Health Assistant

Danielle works part-time within the Mamre Allied Health team as an administration officer and allied health assistant. She is also currently an Occupational Therapy student and support worker.

Danielle takes efficiency to a whole new level. She supports all the important behind-the-scenes work of the team, as well as joining in the fun at our weekly communication group. When she is working, you’ll find her sitting out the front of the office at reception.

Outside of Mamre, Danielle enjoys quality connection with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors and eating good food.