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Occupational Therapy

Build skills that last a lifetime

Occupational therapy

Our experienced Occupational Therapists support you to achieve your goals and get the most out of life. Whether it’s building new skills or growing your confidence, our team will create a tailored therapy approach to achieve the results you want.

Occupational Therapists can assist with:

How Occupational Therapy can help


Play is how children learn and interact with their world and supports children to explore, engage, use their imagination and begin making decisions.

Child Development

Therapy that’s focused on building a foundation for children’s development and helping them learn new skills in play, communication, social connection, movement and behaviour, thinking and solving problems.

School Readiness

Prepare for the big transition to school by building skills around thinking, language, following directions, self-regulation, drawing and writing, playing with others and much more.

Social Skills

Through relationships we learn important information about our world. This includes conversation and social connection, thinking, making friends, getting along with peers, self-regulation and understanding social concepts.

Physical Skills

Learn how to use your body in ways that are useful to you. This includes fine motor and gross motor skills like crawling, walking, jumping, climbing and moving in other ways. 

Interests and Leisure

Hobbies and interests help us discover our passions and strengths. An OT will assist you to know your strengths, explore new activities and overcome barriers to joining in the activities you love.

Equipment and Assistive Technology

Equipment can assist you to join in everyday activities or complete a task more easily or safely. Equipment can include assistive technology, seats, tables, wheelchairs, kitchen utensils and more!

Sensory Regulation

We experience the world through sensations. An OT can assist you to understand your sensory preferences and needs in different places and spaces.

Life Transitions

Big transitions can be a challenging. Whether it's finishing school, moving out of home, or starting a new job, OT can help you prepare and feel ready for those important changes. 


Self-care is about doing well at keeping well and looking after your health. It is about putting your needs first and caring for your body and mind for a healthier life. 

Home and Environment

Make your home and the places you spend time work for you and your safety. This can include building skills around independence or making changes to your home and living situation.

Assessments and Reports

An OT will work on understanding your abilities and what you need. They’ll help you determine what’s important to you and form a therapy plan that’s tailored to your needs. They can also provide a Functional Capacity Assessment

Our Therapy Space

Service delivery options

Our Windsor office is home to five modern therapy rooms where our customers can access fantastic resources and receive therapy in a safe and welcoming environment.

Payment Options

Mamre is a registered NDIS provider. NDIS participants can use the improved daily living part of their plans to pay for therapy. Mamre follow the recommended hourly rate for therapy in the NDIS Price Guide.

Your GP or Paediatrician may refer you to therapy under Medicare. Please connect with your GP and discuss whether you are eligible for therapy services under Medicare.

If you have private health insurance, you may be able to claim a rebate. Please check with your fund prior to making an appointment.

Some families choose to self-fund their therapy services and pay as they go.

Most therapy travel (where your therapist comes to you) will incur a travel cost. Therapy travel is billed at the same hourly rate as therapy. Mamre can give you a quote for expected travel cost for your personal situation.


Use your NDIS funding to pay for Mamre services. Our team can help you understand your plan and how you can use it for therapy and supports.


You may be eligible to receive Mamre services under Medicare. Connect with your GP or specialist to find out.

Privately funded

Mamre accepts privately funded customers who are not covered by the NDIS or Medicare. Get in touch with our team to discuss our supports and pricing.

Who we support

We know each little one develops uniquely. 

Timely therapy can make all the difference in your child’s development and enrich your family’s confidence while building capacity into the future. 

Mamre’s therapy team will work closely with your family to understand your family values, what is important to you, as well as your goals, hopes and desires for your child. 

Our specialised therapy services enable your child’s development across all areas including communication skills, social relationships, movement and physical domains, sensory integration and eating and drinking. 

Our approach is planted in relationship-based early intervention, which means we seek to honour and further develop secure relationships and involve you as key partners in therapy. 

Our client stories

Sea Life gets Rosie’s seal of approval

10-year-old animal lover Rosie and her support worker Ashlee had a fun filled adventure to Sea Life earlier this month.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term ‘Occupational Therapist’ may not be familiar to some, but the clue is in the name: it’s about our occupations – simply meaning the things you do every day that occupy your time and that you find meaningful! Whether this is work, play, self-care or recreation, occupational therapists work with their clients to understand their goals and motivations and overcome any barriers to participating in the activities you need and want to do.

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