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Core Supports

Flexible services tailored to you

Assistance with daily living, household tasks, community participation, and much more. 
We match you with Support Workers who understand your needs and put your goals first. 

Core Supports services

Daily living

Mamre Support Workers are here to assist you to achieve your goals and enjoy the activities you love. We’re here for you.

Household Tasks

Feeling confident in your home is important. Mamre Support Workers will assist you with household tasks and support you to build your household skills and your independence.

Community Participation

Whether it’s sports, music, theatre, education or something entirely different, we will support you to do the things you love and be an active member of your community.

Support Worker Matching

We pride ourselves on matching you with Support Workers who understand your needs and interests and who you feel comfortable and confident spending time with.

Life Skills Development

Mamre will work with you on capacity building and growing your confidence in the areas that matter most to you.

Kicking Goals

We provide the support and resources to assist you to reach your goals and plan for new ones, whatever they may be.

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