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two people signing and gesturing to eachother In Therapy

Signing and gesture: wonderful ways to enhance communication

May 23, 2018

The use of key word signing and gesture is a wonderful way to enhance understanding and communication.

Signing provides visual information to accompany speech. Visual sign can often last longer than speech, which makes it easier to understand language.

Signing and gesturing also naturally promotes attention between communication partners.

Many signed words are iconic, meaning they look like what they represent and are guessable.

Did you know that when we use key word sign and gesture, our rate of speech slows? Which means key ideas are easier to highlight.

Signing is one way to assist in learning language structure. It can also help grow vocabularies as signing often increases verbal communication and speech.

Having some key word sign knowledge is a great tool for those living with or working alongside children who are developing their language skills. As well as people who experience communication challenges.

Knowing sign is a relevant skill for family members, child care workers, support workers, teachers, therapists, or anyone interested in enhancing their communication skills.


Signing karaoke carpool video

Here is a fun Karaoke Video made in support of World Down Syndrome Day. The video features 50 mums and their children singing along to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” using key word sign.

This video was originally inspired by Singing Hands, an organisation in the UK whose videos have helped many people learn key word sign (known as Makaton in the UK).