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Starting a Micro-Business

February 28, 2020

Phil has started his own micro-business while devoting himself to his hobby. A micro-business is a very small business, usually owned and run by an individual. Sometimes support is provided through formal or informal channels.’

Phil started creating macrame designs and has quite the variety. Trusted groups in his community have agreed to host a stand where people can purchase the hand made items. We think Phil could be an Etsy bestseller – Macrame is making a comeback! Phil’s pop-up store will be at Mamre for a few weeks. Make sure to stop by and have a look at these plant hangers, dog leashes, wall hangings and animal designs. See all the photos here.

Phil takes special effort and time to craft each piece to perfection, which can take some time as he is only able to use one hand! Phil started crafting Macrame pieces as a hobby many years ago but we are excited to see Phil’s hobby grow into a micro-business. We were lucky enough to catch up with Phil a couple of weeks ago to talk about his journey. If you would like to see the video we made with Phil, you can check it out on our Facebook page here.

Starting a microbusiness under the NDIS is easier with core support.

Macrame monkey from Phil's Micro-business Macrame yellow owl from Phil's Micro-business Macrame hanging pot plant holder from Phil's Micro-business