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Gift In Your Will

How will you be remembered?

Leaving a gift in your Will for Mamre creates a lasting legacy and supports people with disability for years to come. Your donation can be big or small - we don't set a limit because there's no limit on the impact your donation can have on our community members. Simply by choosing Mamre, you're helping people with disability thrive and live their best life today and into the future.

What will your gift do?

Your donation will help people with disability life the life they choose, how they choose. Whether it's through support services and therapy, access to communication devices and learning programs or participation in the community events and hobbies they love, your gift will empower people with disability to achieve their goals and enjoy the things that matter most to them. You are more than welcome to specify in your will what you would like your gift to be used for in the Mamre community. 

A young boy holds a crafted sheep made of cotton balls and cardboard