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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) during COVID-19


This is a resource we have created for Mamre support workers. Every day there seem to be big changes happening and because there are fast and steady changes, we thought it might be best to create an FAQ list for Mamre support workers.

We will aim to update this page regularly with new questions that we are hearing. Be sure to refer back to this page from time to time.

Do you know how long these restrictions will last?

Sadly nobody knows how long these restrictions will last. We are regularly following the government advice and will keep you updated with restrictions and easing of restrictions too.


What’s going to happen if we go into lock down?

All families have been contacted. Each family has made an individual plan suitable for them in the event of a lockdown. We suggest you talk to the family or your team leader for more information as each plan is different.


Can we go out to have takeaway and sit in a park with the person we are supporting?

You can collect takeaway (while observing social distancing and infection control measures) and take it home. Perhaps set up an outdoor picnic. More information on home confinement requirements from the Qld Government here.


What activities can we do?

Mamre have created a page of education and entertainment links. All from the comfort of home.


Can we still go to shopping centres?

You may still go to the supermarkets, pharmacies and doctors surgeries. If these are in a Shopping Centre that will be ok. Please remember we should only be going out if it is essential.


Can we take a supported person out into the community or do we have to stay home?

It is recommended that you follow the government directions and stay home to reduce the risk of coming into contact with infected people and surfaces.


Can buddy shift still go ahead given the restrictions of only one visitor allowed?

Support work is considered an essential service. We are currently reviewing buddy shift practices and are considering every person with support individual circumstances. Please talk to your Team Leader.


I have a sore throat, can I still go to work

No – If you feel unwell in any way you are to notify your team leader or the on-call number as soon as possible.


Are we entitled to the JobKeeper Scheme?

Mamre has applied for JobKeeper and will remain in contact with all staff who are eligible for JobSeeker payments.


Do I have any leave entitlements if I can’t work because I am sick or looking after someone who is sick?

Fair Work Australia determines your leave entitlements. Please visit this site to explore your options.


I am worried about catching COVID-19. Can you give me a mask and gloves to reduce the chance I will catch it at work?

Masks: Unfortunately at this point in time there is a nationwide shortage of masks. Distribution of this PPE is being governed by the National Medical Stockpile. We have to prioritise the use of these to situations where there is a confirmed COVID-19 case or exposure to a confirmed COVID case.

Gloves: We can give you gloves if you would normally require them in the course of your duties. We ask you to follow the Government advice on the good hand hygiene and washing of your hands in all other circumstances.


If you have a question that has not been answered on this page, please call or email your team leader to help you.

Remember the Mamre COVID-19 Resources page is available with key information during this unprecedented time.