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Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

After nearly a year in the planning Sarah, Helen and David from Mamre’s Pave the Way program set off from Brisbane to Cairns by plane and from there to Laura, Cape York in a hired 4-wheel drive complete with camping equipment bound for the Laura and the dance festival where they had a stall booked to share their knowledge of the NDIS.
The Festival itself is known as the meeting ground for the communities of Cape York and is regarded by many Aboriginal people as a place where families meet, make new acquaintances and exchange and pass on family histories. Over 20 communities travel to Laura to dance and share Culture with one another and with this year’s record 9,000 strong audience.
Pave the Ways stall was well positioned on a rise where staff could keep an eye on the festivities that were taking place below in between the many conversations had with people interested in learning more about the NDIS and how they or their family member might take advantage of what it had to offer.
Some of the highlights for staff were of course the conversations they were able to have with so many people. To experience such an amazing event (a must see), the traditional dress, the energy and passion of the dancing and the spirit and delight by all those who attended or took part. Other highlights was to have Cathy Freeman come by our stall and last but not least, the amazing team of staff that worked so hard to make this happen.