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The Gift of Being a Socialite

July 24, 2017

I have always been a super social person and have always liked to be around lots of people. It’s the gift of being a Socialite. I have been lucky enough to have a number of great support workers who really understand me. Along with my mum, family members, support workers and keyworker, I have been able to plan a really great weekly program doing things I love to do.

At the moment I have a worker, Rebecca, who spends two days a week with me.

I have always loved animals and in particular dogs. Knowing this, my mum and my friend Chiara helped me start up my dog biscuit enterprise. So now on Wednesday, with help from Rebecca, I bake dog biscuits. They are then packaged and delivered to 2 local pet stores. Many dogs think my treats are delicious and I have a few loyal customers who I always supply.

Last year I undertook the RSPCA animal-handling course, which went for 12 weeks. During this course, I learnt many new skills. As a result, I now continue this connection being a part of the Happy Paws Program every second Thursday.

I have met many new friends at the Happy Paws Program and look forward to seeing them every fortnight.

Rebecca loves fitness, which is a great match because I need extra movement support due to my back condition. Rebecca is also a personal trainer. She has skills that help me with my fitness while making it fun.

You can join us by getting in touch with Rebecca at [email protected]

We will be meeting at Minippi Parklands once a month on a Wednesday at 2pm for fun fitness, yoga, and afternoon tea. Our next catch up will be Wednesday 19 April at 2pm. Please contact us if you’re coming.

I’m also very lucky to be able to do my horse riding lessons every week in the royal show grounds with my horse named Ziggy. My trainer, Damien, is so helpful and makes me very comfortable while riding. I get better each and every week.

On Mondays, I participate in sailing at Manly, where I get to relax on the water and have great chats with my friends and have morning tea together.

My week is fun and busy and it suits me perfectly because I don’t like to get bored and love to meet up with all the people I enjoy being with. I get to experience so many things out in the community but still have time to relax in my home with my family and chill out on my own when I’m feeling tired. What can I say it comes with the life and gift of being a Socialite

Here are some pictures of me doing the things I love!

Zoe Foster (with support from Rebecca Cherry)