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Update from the Decision Making Possibilities Project

September 21, 2021

With the right support we can all make decisions, but people who communicate mostly without speech often feel left out of the decisions that affect their lives. That’s where the Decision Making Possibilities Project comes in.

As you may have heard, Mamre has joined the Decision Making Possibilities Project alongside WA’s Individualised Services, Sotica and the Decision Agency.

The project is moving along nicely and the team wanted to share some exciting updates from our Decision Makers and their newly formed support networks.

Firstly, almost all 12 of our Brisbane decision makers have agreed to join the project. Since our Decision Makers communicate mostly without speech, the project team is taking the time to ensure all Decision Makers are giving their full consent and ongoing approval to be part of the project.

We have also recruited all our Network Facilitators, who are contacting our Decision Makers and getting to know them. This includes finding out what’s important to them and who should be part of their support networks. All our Decision Makers are empowered to decide who they would like their Network Facilitator to be.

Planning for a Good Life activities have begun for projects members. We’re excited to report that after only a couple of sessions, we’re already seeing opportunities for Decision Makers to give input into the choices that affect their lives.

Our Mamre Speech Pathologists Jess and Jayne are working with Decision Makers to capture each person’s individual way of communicating. Jess and Jayne are then turning these into ‘communication passports’.  This means that all supporters and people included in the Decision Maker’s network have a clear idea of how they communicate their preferences and wishes.

Our Network Facilitators have also been meeting monthly for training sessions. These are to help grow their skills and confidence in working with and leading their networks. These sessions also allow for connection between the Network Facilitators.

This is an exciting project about a hot-button topic in the NDIA. We’re excited to share more about our 12 Decision Makers’ journeys soon. If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to get in touch with Mamre’s Decision Making Possibilities lead Marissa via email or by calling (07) 3622 1222. This project is funded through an ILC grant with the NDIA.